You may have already read some things about me here on my website. But you're probably thinking... I'm sure she can't only travel all the time and live responsibly? What else does she do? Who is she really?

You're right! I am more than just the idea of my ideal life and a better world. Yes, I am a passionate traveler, I love to enjoy life and still try to live more responsible but there is quite some more to know. Let me introduce myself a bit better and help you get to know the real me:

- Probably first important thing to mention: I grew up on a farm in a very small village? That had a big impact on me, but I swear... I've really turned into a city girl. Probably BECAUSE I grew up in a small village on a farm 😉

- Of course, I like being in nature. But I LOVE living in a beautiful city like Vienna with all its possibilities – I call it my adopted home.

- My favorite city so far besides Vienna is Barcelona (I love it!!)

- Budapest, Vancouver, San Francisco, Melbourne, Brisbane, Arequipa (Peru), Valparaiso (Chile), Antigua Guatemala, San Cristobal de las Casas (Mexico) are some of my other favorite cities. I hope I'll have the time to visit them again one day, and to write more about them 😊 If you’re curious, you can read what I’ve already written (here in German or here in English)

I have 2 brothers, 1 sister and 8 nephews & nieces (and I am the proud godmother of 3 of them)I am the baby among my siblings. The only one who is not married, has no children, no husband, no house, no dog, no cat... But... I'm also the only one of the four of us who has studied at university and traveled all over the world. So I think that's fine 😉

- After I finished school, I worked as an accountant at a tax consulting company for 4 years before studying business administration and marketing in Vienna. When I became self-employed, I worked as a freelance accountant again - after almost 20 years, who would have thought that 😊

- Before I became self-employed as a business consultant and direct marketer, I worked in marketing for global luxury cosmetics companies for around 10 years. And I still do marketing for luxury cosmetics brands, although for smaller ones and for those that care more about corporate social responsibility and sustainability.  

- I still enjoy working in marketing for “cool” brands with interesting brand stories and creative packaging. I still love those luxurious products on occasion and why not? Who doesn't enjoy the best sometimes?

- I’m lucky enough to enjoy a good (and sometimes luxurious) life and I'm really thankful that I am able to. But I really don’t need much to be fulfilledI love to travel as much as possible - which for some already means luxury  - but I also occasionally stay in simple hostels, even dorms, if it means I can save money to travel more or for longer. And I prefer experiences over things.

- I'm just a human and not a saint 😊 Even though I have already made some changes to live more responsibly, I still sometimes use products that simply make me more beautiful or make me feel good when I wear them, even if they are not entirely “sustainably produced”. But I'm trying my best. Step by step...

- I love good food - especially Italian, Thai, Indian - and I still like eating meat, although I have decreased significantly - mainly for environmental reasons.

- I worked a lot on my self-development. Through reading books, through coaches or mentors, through therapy or simply by talking to different people around the world. Sometimes it's so inspiring to just experience a different "worldview" through someone you just met. Through this, I learned a lot and have started to look at things differently.

- Before traveling around the world, I wasn't really interested in health topics or alternative medicine. Luckily I was mostly healthy so it wasn't necessary. But after my trip around the world, I became more and more fascinated by this wide world of mindful living, the power of positive thoughts and gratitude, “natural healing” through the power of nature and even energetics. The possibilities are huge if you are open to new ideas. And you can just choose the things that appeal to you the most.

- Writing is not my great passion. Sometimes I prefer to speak through my pictures. Also, my English is not perfect. And yet I decided to write a blog in English. Crazy, isn't it 😉 So if you're a native English speaker, please forgive me for some mistakes or unfortunate wording. 😊

- I am not an aromatherapist and know that you don't have to be one to be able to use the positive effects of essential oils and "oil-infused" natural products ideally for yourself and to recommend them to others. You just have to be interested and open to having your own experiences with nature's gifts.

- I don't consider myself particularly interesting or special. Still, I want to inspire people because I think the world needs a lot of positive energy. I think I'm just average and I stand by it! I don't think that's wrong! 😊

I think I could go on like this for a while. But you're probably already bored. However, if you have read this far and still want to know more, discover more facets of me or hear more travel or other tips from me, I would be more than happy to talk to you!  

Love what you read here? 

Hey, I'm Lucy! 
After my world trip in 2018, 'ENJOY LIFE RESPONSIBLY' became my motto. Be inspired as I share my adventures, my evolving worldview, and my journey to a more responsible and natural lifestyle. Find out how my life is connected to “Young Living Essential Oils”, why travel and oils are my two great passions and how I combine them.