A few years ago I knew almost nothing about essential oils. I knew they smelled good and that you could use them in a scented candle burner. Nobody had explained to me what exactly essential oils could do for me and how I could properly harness them. And I know that many other people know just as little as I did a few years ago.

Even though these essences are becoming increasingly popular, many people do not know what treasures lie dormant in nature and what effect high-quality essential oils can have on our body and mind. And even less realize what a huge difference quality products make in this area. So let’s dive in and learn more.

Essential oils – what are they?

Essential oils are aromatic, highly concentrated plant extracts that contain many chemical compounds that are gently obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing or resin extraction. They have been used for cosmetic purposes and to increase our physical and mental well-being for thousands of years. Pure essential oils are significantly more concentrated in their effects than the plants from which they come. They are the pure essence of nature, they are the fragrant soul of the plant!

What is Aromatherapy? 
Plants have been the central medicine for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used oil mixtures for healing purposes and used them for religious purposes. Modern aromatherapy goes back to the French chemist and perfumer René-Maurice Gattefossé, the military doctor and the Austrian biochemist and beautician Marguerite Maury.*)  Their work was the basis for many different application methods and therapy options that have a holistic effect on the body, mind and soul.
The positive effect is always holistically aimed at body, mind and soul and can therefore support and improve our well-being in many areas. Depending on the type of application, the oils can affect us via the brain (aromatic effect on the limbic system), the lungs (through inhalation) or directly via the bloodstream (application to the skin, ingestion of the oils).

What do you have to pay attention to when using them? 
One of the most important factors in choosing the right essential oils is QUALITY. It’s so important to know the manufacturer of the oils and be able to trust in their reliability in production and their quality standards. Stretched, adulterated and incorrectly labeled oils not only lack effectiveness, they can also pose risks to consumers. (I’ll tell you in another blog article why I trust Young Living Essential Oils.)

How can you use them?

There are three ways to use essential oils: 
- aromatic 
- topically
- internally

Aromatic refers to smelling and inhaling the different oils, while topical application can mean anything from diluting an essential oil with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage to combining it with your favorite lotion for an indulgent, skin-pampering treatment. Finally, internal use refers to taking oils and adding them to your favorite foods and drinks - either just for flavor or to support your well-being. Just make sure you only take 100% pure essential oils that are labeled as food safe.

Possible applications vs. labeling types?

Aromatic application: 
Professional oils - due to EU regulations, these must bear the danger symbols despite proven purity - are inhaled by hand or using a diffuser or home-made room spray and thus reach directly into the limbic system - the center of emotions. 

External application: 
Cosmetically labeled oils (EU Cosmetics Regulation) are suitable for use on the skin*. These can be applied to the soles of the feet, neck, wrists, behind the ears, chest, stomach, along the spine, chakras, etc.

Internal use as a dietary supplement: 
Only essential oils that are labeled as dietary supplements (EU Food Regulation) may be consumed safely (cooking, baking, drinking, taking in capsules). Young Living was the first and only manufacturer in the world to market essential oils approved as dietary supplements. Therefore, we can ingest the oils from the Plus line (or Vitality line as called in some other areas of the world) with peace of mind and enjoy their effect on the body in this form. 

Extra tips for your safety while using essential oils:
While you can apply many essential oils undiluted directly to the skin, some are considered "warming" or "hot" oils. That's why it's important for some oils to be mixed with a carrier oil (fatty vegetable oil such as jojoba, almond or the Young Living V-6® Enhanced Plant Oil Complex). These hot oils include, for example: Cinnamon barkthymeoregano and so on. If you are unsure whether an essential oil is a warming oil, check the label to see if it needs to be diluted. Or just ask me :-) Either I already know or I'll look in my clever books where I can look up the recommended dilution for you. To be sure, you can always do a spot test on the inside of your forearm. Simply apply a little and see if there is a skin reaction. You will soon learn your tolerance limits.
Be careful not to touch the plastic dispenser (the silicone piece on top of the bottle) to prevent dirt from getting into the bottle and thus keep the oil longer. The oils are absorbed quickly into the skin without leaving any residue. Do not wash your hands, but rather spread any oil residue on the back of your neck or the soles of your feet.

Other uses of essential oils:
Essential oils are contained in virtually every Young Living product - including nutritional supplements, beauty or household products. That's why the products always work on multiple levels.

With small steps you can start a natural lifestyle with oils and products from Young Living and create a feel-good atmosphere in the office or at home. You can slowly but surely remove toxins and chemicals from your life. And you can give your well-being a boost so that you feel better in the long term.

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